AI Readiness Report 2023

We surveyed over 150 C-Suite executives to understand how ready their companies are to adopt AI. The survey focused on:

  • AI adoption to date
  • Sentiment on the importance of AI
  • Factors considered when implementing AI to stay ahead of the competition
  • And more...
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AI adoption within SaaS companies has barely gotten off the ground

Only (7%) of C-Suite executives reported that their company has already adopted AI capabilities, leaving over (93%) who have yet to do so.

In addition, over 7 in 10 (72%) feel their company is at a disadvantage in leveraging AI in comparison to their competitors.

AI adoption
AI drowning in data

Companies are drowning in data & unable to gain actionable insights

Over 3 in 5 C-Suite surveyed agree that they feel like they are drowning in data and unable to gain actionable insights

Task automation (81%) is the most likely utilization for AI

Almost a third (32%) of C-Suite surveyed believe they could get ahead of the competition if they used it to increase talent and over 3 in 10 (31%) say it would help if it was used to develop new products, services and offerings. The highest percentages of C-Suite surveyed consider using AI to automate tasks (81%).

AI task automation